Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Painting revisited and a painted diary?

Having spent part of a day fiddling about with painting on a rainy day in Cornwall I have got the bug for art again. I like the idea of patchworky backgrounds and might do a bit more practising with this idea and see where it goes.

It's amazing how one forgets about painting in amongst all the romping with textiles, but it's more practical than fabric play with a bad leg (see last post!).

I have also decided that when we have a busy few days and I want to write a diary, that I am going to record the activities briefly in note form with a bit of illustration, whether or not the pictures have anything to do with what we've been up to.

I just felt like painting fish here and around them are words to remind me of our weekend in Cornwall. It's not the pressure of prose style and could look quite nice as a whole book.


  1. what wonderful painting - the patchwork background is wonderful. the painted diary reminds me of the Edwardian ladies diary, in theory if not design - i dont remember seeing fish in hers. :).

  2. Those are wonderful!

  3. I love the patchworkey background.
    I also write a diary with doodles and sketches.
    Hope your leg is feeling better though these things take time to heal, don't they. Keep it elevated and keep sketching.
    You were part of the inspiration for my last post.

  4. Lovely paintings! I like the patch or grid background....

  5. I just love these; now I am inspired to reach for my paintbox again.

  6. I love your idea of an illustrated diary; those fish are lovely, but that bird is amazing!

  7. Every cloud...these are great. Hoope you leg is feeling better.

  8. I love the fishes :-) The only time I keep a diary is on holiday and it starts on the first night and generally ends on the last night or a day before.

  9. I love these fish! Such great colors and graphics.

  10. Wonderful fish, Clare - they would look great in a textile mediumas well! - and I do hope your leg is getting better!

  11. I love looking at artist's sketchbooks and notebooks, it's always so interesting to see how they think.

    Also, keeping a visual diary is so useful in the future, and a real treasure to look back on.

    I love the fish!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked about the napkins tearing - just the top layer of a 3ply napkin is bonded onto felt or craft vilene before stitching. Your idea of an illustrated diary is great - love the fish and your woodpecker against the 'patchwork' background is wonderful. Do hope your leg is improving - it must have been so painful.

  13. Is there anything you can't do?? Gorgeous pic, and especially gorgeous idea about the diary. Must have a go, do you thing stick people and stick fish will serve? MH

  14. I just love your patchwork painting so much!

  15. Goodmorning Clare..
    I thought I better get over to your place and see what's going on since i was last here..
    OH MY!! You are one talentewd lady...
    I love your crazy patch cat first of all, then as I browsed further Love the bag....I'm a bag nut.. Love making them
    I have been collecting japanese taupes but so far have done nothing with them yet... Love your painting.. The background is fabulous.. Love it.. and of course your jourmal is awesome.... I started a Moleskine awhile ago and so far have just done one page!!! eek..
    I need a longer day and bigger week!!
    So I best toddle on.. Thanks for visiting my blog Clare... do come again and perhaps we'll have time for tea;=}


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