Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Achievements and Experimentation

This has been a week of achievements and experimentation. The children have been on holiday and we have been experimenting with colour, washes and resists together. Shame the wooden kitchen table didn't resist the red dye we played with! We're hiding the patch with a pile of books now until it fades.

We used Brusho paints which are in powder form and very vibrant. They work on fabric and paper. We sprinkled them and diluted them and painted wet on wet. We used wax crayon and did rubbings and then washed over the images with the paint.

Isabel (7) made her first postcard sized quilt yesterday for an Easter card for our next door neighbours. Secretly I wish we had kept it but that is just selfish. A photo will have to suffice!

She also made some delightful chocolate rice crispie cakes to give to them.

She even copyrighted it!

Tom (10) swam a mile yesterday and then wanted to go on a 4 mile cycle ride. Roll on the decathlon! There is no end to his energies.
Izi has learned to ride a bike on 2 wheels this week - removing the stabilisers has given her the freedom she now loves and I adore to see her off with those little legs a-peddling. She looks like a Thelwell character -remember those cartoons with kids on ponies on calendars in the 70's?

Easter is almost upon us and the garden burgeons. We await the Easter bunny (a difficult concept for me - a rabbit laying eggs? Ours is showing no signs of giving birth at all).


  1. makes me want to come and play as well

  2. Everyone welcome - the more the merrier!

  3. Sounds and looks like you're all having such a good time. What a lovely card for the neighbours.
    My daughter was just like your son, now she does triathlons.....

  4. sounds like you've all had a great time

  5. Isabel's postcard quilt is lovely. great egg fabric! perhaps you could commission one for yourself?

    you know I thought i had Moo all sorted with egg laying, milk production etc - and then yesterday she asks - where do the eggs come out of the easter bunny? *sigh* its all so confusing. It would be amusing for Henry to be sitting on a nest of chocolate eggs when your kids woke up - would he oblige? Have a lovely easter.

  6. That is a gorgeous little Easter quilt!

  7. Falmouth. Have a wonderful time and take lots of photos to put on your blog.

  8. Wow Kate you all have achieved so much so far in the Easter break. The paints look vibrant like spring and your daughter's quilt is a unique card.
    As to the Easter bunny laying eggs, that is not quiet so. The Rabbit/Hare has aways been a fertility symbol like the egg. So the story goes: The rabiit wanted to honour the Goddess so that he laid the scared eggs, gaily painted them and humbly presented them to her. The Goddess was so pleased that she wanted all humankind to share in her joy. So the rabbit travelled all over the world delivering the decorated gifts of life. Over time the Rabbit has become a bunny and delivers candy eggs as well.
    I hope that helps a little.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Looks like a lot of fun happening! Have a wonderful holiday.


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