Saturday, 17 January 2009

Weather Is Here...Wish You Were Lovely...Poscard from Paradise.

For anyone out there who has wondered if I've given up blogging - sorry but I'm still here.

I wasn't "here" though...

I was here...

...and here

...oops and here...

I have had a holiday in paradise...St. Lucia.

Next Saturday I am doing a workshop with Ineke Berlyn - we have to take a picture of an inspirational I was just doing my homework...the trip was all in the name of art (and cocktails, a suntan, sheer decadence and frivolity).

This is a nice image to use for some couching though too...


  1. St. Lucia....lovely! I wonder,,,is it a bit of a shock getting back? Welcome anyway, turn up the thermostat, put another layer on.

  2. looks nice. smirked at your heading. glad you had a good time - looking forward to seeing you translate ALL your holiday pics into fab fibre art. ;)

  3. Jude - yes it's cold and wet but we've just been for a curry and put the heating on to warm us inside and out! x
    Paula - what? all 320 pictures? OMG x

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.... Now back to reality heh heh...
    Really enjoyed being here... Thanks for visiting mine..... Did you make the soup?? It's one I cannot leave alone. Rabbit get the kale eh??!! lucky rabbit!!
    waving from frozen, snowy, southern ontario, canada

  5. Sigh, holidays are months away...Hope you had gorgeous time see you soon MH x

  6. Hello Jolly Good Yarn Girl .. thanks for your sweet message on my blog. Happy that you found the hermitage inspiring :)
    Sending bests wishes from the orchard

  7. Lucky Duck! Enjoy, enjoy , enjoy!


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