Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Jack Frost also draws trees....

Frustrated at not being able to stitch creatively, being a bit bogged down by the practicalities of school play costumes, curtain making and Christmas preparations amidst the usual work, kids and, surprisingly, mopping the kitchen floor yesterday (round of applause please), I popped into the garden just now to take some frosty pictures.

Jack Frost left some doodles on the patio!

The frost on the flowers is beautiful, but the bulbs are struggling through all the same.
But this large mouth blown bauble hanging in the kitchen window had a hot molten appearance this morning when lit up by the dawn.

Later on....At work this morning I met someone who was quite inspirational and reminded me not to get too bogged down with mundane stuff. On the way home I resolved to do something with these landscape trees which insist on bugging me to do something with them every time I pass them! Out came the embellisher and the machine and I have at least made a start which has made me feel much better. It was quite a quick process really and I have still got time to do some jobs before I pick up the children. Anyway this will be hand stitched next and is small enough to carry in my bag for an available moment.

....agggh that's better....

Isn't it weird how an unfulfilled creative urge can really bring you down?

And then....I played with and used the words of my Blog to create this:
...more fun!


  1. I enjoyed looking at your frost drawings photos - poetic proof of winter´s great gift: peeling off the decoration till only the bone structure is left...

  2. nature doodles to remind us to get back to creating.

  3. Nice pictures even thought the artist is not my fave!!!!I hate the cold weather!!!
    I love the piece you are working on. Isn't it true that needle and thread can soothe the savage beast!!!!
    BTW How's the finger?? all better now I hope.
    Off to get my day going here.... Hope yours is a good one...

  4. clap clap clap...hooray can you come 'round and mop ours now? so not having seem frost before Im curious - are the leafy fern patterns in the frost itself or is this frost on leafy ferny things? dont i sound ignorant?

    good for you with the embellisher trees - too much mundane stuff can be a drag - and very nice they are looking too.

  5. Paula - The frost just made these patterns by itself on the plain patio tile (which is black Indian sandstone) - frost can exhibit this fern shape on windows occasionally, when it is white, but I myself have never seen this black pattern on the ground before.
    Wow I think it's amazing that you've never seen frost... xxx

  6. What a feast for our eyes in this post - those lovely frost patterns and your tree design is beautiful. Thankyou for sharing them and for visiting my blog. You asked about the clasps on my books. On the wigwam book it is a tiny padlock which I bought in Sainsbury's and on the daisy book I used a hinge from a pack of Grungebord shapes - you can buy Grungebord in various packs from good craft shops.


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