Sunday, 21 December 2008

Creating With Kids

Looking for things to do at home when the weather is wet and woolly is never a problem for me on my own. I don't know the meaning of boredom. It's not quite the same for the children though. When they are here I sometimes find myself getting unnecessarily uptight about not doing anything creative myself. Yesterday afternoon I decided I ought to do more of combining the two so I got my nine year old boy sketching with a little set of twelve Rowney oil pastels that he hadn't opened since he had them last Christmas.

We lit this arrangement of apples and pears talked about the light source and shadows and both had a crack at a drawing. His is great for a first go I think, and mine shows the need to practise a lot could be a good New Year's resolution.

This little brooch (right) was duly finished for my daughter (age 6) who sees it as a badge of honour to wear to our sewing club in which there are two members - she and I.

Later, after they were in bed I searched in my Christmas Cupboard of Loveliness for tuck! Hoorah - this beautifully packaged box of Turkish delight encased in icing sugar with mixed nuts embedded in the goo. Yum yum roll on Christmas!


  1. Oh I like both of these drawings! Love the depth and richness in yours and the movement and life in your son's. Thank you too for your nice comment on my blog.

  2. I like the sound of your sewing club! Great Brooch!

  3. Lovely drawings - your son shows great promise, and lovely brooch. How nice that you make time to do things with your children. They will have such happy memories when they are older, of the time you spent with them and the skills you passed on to them.

  4. I thought it was such a sweet idea with the brooch and the "sewing Club" What a lovely way to bond with yourn daughter..
    I forget how old your son is but the drawing is awesome...
    I always think of the song"Cat's in the Cradle" when I think of children being able to spend time with the parent.. As
    Martha" would say.."IT'S A GOOD THING"
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and having a chat...
    I haven't been online much to-day as I was baking!! LOL
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday.... Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year....

  5. How lucky your children are to be guided into a creative life early. That was what I tried to do with my sons when they were young and also my young GD who is now 18. The 3 appreciate what I do now more than the rest of the family do. So it was worth it (smile)
    Like yourself I'm never bored.

  6. wonderful colours and life in you son's drawing,well done.
    Peace and happiness

  7. your sons drawing is rather good. and i think Moo and I might start our own sewing group.

  8. This brought back memories of the anticipation and the fun of the school holidays, enjoy, it goes so fast. Happy Christmas.

  9. I think you've got very talented kids. (Well, you're not bad either ;-))

  10. Hmmm, not sure about the Turkish Delight - give me Belgian chocs anyday :)
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a very happy New Year.
    Take care

  11. I know this is on my blog but just popping in to say....
    here's wishing you the warmest of fire-sides with love and happiness over this season and for 2009

    May your stars always be bright,
    and the winds of change never knock your baubles down!

  12. good stuff for a nine-year old. Obviously in the genes. Have a great crimbo.


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