Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hand Sewing - A Whole New Meaning

OUCH! My finger! Oh dear I think this new super powerful sewing machine needs a speed camera. It's supposed to be a stitch regualtor but obviously that doesn't prevent it going through your finger! I was having a happy little meander quilt and suddnely the needle broke, I screeched and I looked down to see a very neat stitch in my finger. I was attached to the machine and the quilt by the thread! I'm glad it was a nice clean new needle at any rate. I had to clip the thread and pull about a centimetre out of the side of my finger. Guttermann thread - do all surgeons use it?

So I have taken off the little darning foot (below) and put on this larger one in the hope that I may have more protection. After pacing the kitchen and applying a plaster I decided the best thing to do would be to continue sewing to take my mind of the building pain. Now I've run out of thread.

Perhaps this is punishment for using my Xmas present in advance of December 25th, but if I left it until that day to open no-one would get any Christmas lunch!



    I did the same thing earlier this year - it hurts like heck. I think my finger ached for a good three or four days - of course I had three stitches, apparently not having the quick reaction that you do.

    So, in sympathy, I hope your finger heals quickly!


  2. Oh dear-that sounds so painful! I live in dread of sewing my hands and your story makes me even more fearful. I shall buy gauntlets!

  3. ouch! i have never done this myself yet - which surprises me. it is the sort of thing i would do. i like your nice neat meandering.

  4. I can feel the pain from here! I do hope it gets better quickly.

  5. Oh My!
    That brings back painful memories!!!!
    I hope your finger has healed by now! I guess a lot of us have done the same thing.... My "pointer" on my left hand was the victim and the nail has never been the same!!!Oh well...... ho hum.... another memory for a book!

  6. Hope your finger has stopped throbbing. I have so nearly done the same thing more than once - it is easy to get lost in concentration and forget to keep a watch on where the needle is in relation to your finger. At least you didn't bleed onto your work!


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