Thursday, 20 November 2008


Have realised today that I am terrible at planning. I can see that because I'm so short of time (distractions of job, children, husband, la de dah) that I don't spend enough time designing or planning and tend to just launch into things and wing it! This is lovely and spontaneous but doesn't allow for development like it should.
Today I have resolved to play with my sketch book more (and I'm writing this down here to remind myself) and just doodle.
Tonight whilst number 1 child was researching "carbon-dioxide" amongst much huffing and puffing at the lap-top on the kitchen table and number 2 child was writing Xmas cards (more of an organised gal than I'll ever be) I got out a nice Pink Pig sketch book, two pens and messed. Very enjoyable. Actually a big chunk of Stilton, a glass of red wine and some Hovis biscuits were key here. I have to think how I can get this onto a textile but that will come.
So I'm writing this to remind myself to try to do one doodle every other day. I may end up an artist but will probably weigh 26 stone and go to Alcoholics Anonymous.


  1. I am trying to do the same - perhaps the redwine and cheese would help....but i tend to do that creative stuff in the middle of the day - cant go pick up the boys from school stinking of red wine and blue cheese.....and i dont want to join AA either :).

  2. Sounds like heavenly mayhem to me! I'm with you on the wine, helps free up the muse. . . .

  3. I love it.

    Can't wait to see the textiles that come from this sketch.

    The wine and cheese sounds very inviting too. Good idea that.


  4. Hello JGYG, I love your doodling. It looks soooo Spring and will looked beautiful all stitched up. I looked out side this AM and saw 5 inches of snow. Can you send Spring early.oH, Dear, Very sad face. VBG Hugs Judy

  5. Hello JGYG, I love you art and I would LOVE to send you a Christmas Card I created. Could you email me with your snail mail addy. Thanks Judy in Veryt Snowy Western Michigan

  6. I'm all for a good glass of red wine :o) Sounds like a good carrot to get me sketching! Your sketch is lovely and fresh. It would transfer well to a design on fabric.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm off to bed now but I shall be back to catch up on your own blog.


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