Friday, 5 September 2008

Welsh Inspiration

It has poured down here all day again. I may build an ark and gently sail away stitching as I go to a land of loveliness.
In fact I have finished this Welsh inspired piece which has been made from hand-dyed Colinette Yarns, felted to a piece of flannel using my embellisher and some left over bits of thread which I dyed in August.
It really is like painting in textiles. I added some sequins as a focal point representing the silvery glinting water of the estuary.
It reminds me of the road where we had to stop while I shooed a sheep back into a field from which he'd made an unintentional gettaway!

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  1. Hi JGYG,
    Wonderful piece of work, really illustrates what is happening with our weather at the moment.

    Tell, me what are collinette yarns, are these yarns which are spun/knitted into a fine tube?
    I wasn't sure, that's all.

    The colour in this piece is beautiful, I especially like the way the sky is reflecting the landscape and visa versa.


  2. Hi Tricia - Colinette Yarns is a wool company based at Llanfair near the steam railway station there which is near Welshpool. I paid them a first visit on my way back from hols in Wales two weeks ago. You wouldn't believe the shop - it's an industrial unit but inside feels like a huge but traditional wool shop with lovely wooden floors and shelving and restful lighting. The skeins of wool which are mostly handyed drip from every available space, They are not into embellishing there - it's knitting based but the colours are truly inspirational and as it happens I have found the yarns felt up well. It's even got me knitting! You can Google Colinette Yarns but there's nothing like a visit!

  3. Hello JGYG
    Just had a peak at your blog. I love your work, it is full of texture and wonderful soft blended colours.

    I particularly like the textural affects in your latest work. I am keen to get more texture happening in my art and looking at your works of art has given me an idea. It is a bit harder to roll texture into wet felt, but I am going to have a go when I get well. xteresa

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments - maybe it would be a good idea to think of an embellishing machine for yourself? It would mean you could be creative whenever you can't be physically active and also you can make felt on holiday if you took it along! You can wet felt this embellisher felt afterwards apparently. Anyway keep in touch - I love the "across the worldness" of all this! JGYG x

  5. I love love love this piece of work, and would buy it to hang on my wall. If I had any money. Or a spare bit of wall....

  6. Breathtaking!! Oh, you are lovely. I wish you were my neighbor. I'll visit often.


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